On the scale of 1-5, startups will be graded based on each of the following sub categories for each team:

Market Potential (up to 10 points)
How significant and relevant is the problem the team is trying to solve? 
Does that problem affect a big market that we know and understand? 

Innovation (up to 20 points)
Evaluate the team's working demo as part of their final presentation:
"Does the working demo offer you a ""wow"" factor, the impression
the hackathon entry makes when you see it? Is it a really cool hack?"
"Evaluate the use of technology such as programming languages, APIs, toolkits,
used to produce the demo."
"Is the solution something new and unique? This is the awareness of alternatives
to solve the same problem, and how the team positions their hackathon entry."

Scalability (up to 5 points)
Is the team knowledgeable about channels to acquire a lot of users?

User Experience (up to 10 points)
Does the demo have gorgeous interface?
Does the demo offer an easy to follow workflow?

Team (up to 15 points)
Is this team the team to solve this problem now?
How diverse is this team in terms of their core expertise?
"Rate the level of execution of this team by the results
they achieve throughout the hackathon?"

Participation (up to 8 points)
"Working with each type of partners (design thinking, creative, building, and storytelling)
will earn teams 2 points each."

Submissions that do not meet the following criteria are subject to disqualification and/or removal.

Submission must be:

1) Original work of the participants
2) Must not have been previously submitted to another hackathon/accelerator or other startup programs
3) Must not infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity or other intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity